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The Swim Smooth Studio

Our Solar-Powered Endless Pool

Welcome to our private high performance endless pool, housed in it's own log cabin at the foot of our garden.

Solar-heated to an average temperature of 29 degrees, our facility is ideal for filmed stroke analysis, working on technique, and learning to swim. The speed of our pool is completely adjustable and caters for those swimming at speeds of up to 1:10/100m. Equally, coaching can take place in still water, or with a gentle trickle from the pump for adults or children who are gaining water confidence. Our pool has seen complete beginners, those who have come to us to overcome their water phobia, to channel swimmers, and World Champions. A changing room is situated in the cabin for swimmers' convenience, and a parking space available on our driveway. 


What is an Endless Pool
& how does it work?

An Endless Pool is a body of water in which you can swim 'endlessly' against a propulsive current, without having to turn.


It can be described as a constant swimming machine, similar to a treadmill for running.

The speed of the water current can be adjusted to the ability of the swimmer, or switched off completely to provide a still body of water.

Click here for an animated description from Endless Pools themselves.  

Top Benefits of Endless Pool

Swimming in an endless pool allows for targeted training in an environment where your coach can work with you in total privacy, watching you swim continuously with close up access to all aspects of your stroke. 

With no disruption from turning or busy public lanes, an endless pool removes all variables so your workouts and technique work are always consistent, also providing open water swimmers and triathletes an 'endless' swimming opportunity, simulating open water space.

Your coach can control the flow of water to suit your pace,  making an endless pool a fantastic option for swimmers of all ability levels, where the water current will naturally highlight weaknesses in your stroke.

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